Waves of Grain, Ltd.

Joshua D. Draughon



My wife and I are proud parents of six amazing children. After finishing law school and beginning my career in Juvenile Law, I quickly realized that most attorneys do not earn the kind of money as the movies so often depict. Heck, between sports, braces, food, etc., I knew I had to do more. So, I was inspired to turn my hobby into a small business.

Before I decided on a company name, I had previously made custom benches for a few customers. I thought the name U May Approach The Bench would be a great play-on-words to incorporate my profession, and my art. Eventually, my art evolved and now I make wavy flags as well. That part of the business has quickly taken up a majority of my commissions, so I decided to change the name of my company to Waves of Grain, Ltd. I think the name is fitting. 

I love the United States of America--her Stars & Stripes, her National Anthem, and her Exceptionalism. I respect, admire, and honor our Veterans, past and present. Their sacrifice can never be adequately repaid.

I am privileged to have two brothers who serve our country with dignity and honor. They are examples to me of courage, sacrifice, and dedication to their families and their country. It is an honor to hand craft flags that I hope will hang on the walls of Veterans throughout this great land.

I'm equally grateful for the hard work and dedication that our LEOs, Firefighters, and other First Responders show on a daily basis in communities across the Nation. We need you. We appreciate you. We thank you!

I hope you enjoy your piece of art as much as I enjoyed crafting it for you!

               With Gratitude,

         Joshua D. Draughon & Family