Colonial Freedom American Flag Coffee Table


The Colonial Freedom American Flag Coffee Table from U May Approach The Bench, Ltd. is a custom handmade work of art, created to appear as though it was salvaged from a burned-out building.

  • Standard size - 33" x 54"
  • Want a Custom size? No problem! - CONTACT ME
  • Choose from The Betsy Ross (13 carved stars) edition -OR- 
  • The Old Glory (50 carved stars) edition**
  • Includes two 16" tall steel legs and,
  • Pre-drilled holes with lag screws for fast assembly.

**The table DOES NOT include a glass top. Shipment of the glass is risky, at best. The customer can procure a glass top at their local glass shop if preferred. The entire flag  has several layers of a protective non-toxic polycrylic coating, so the glass is not absolutely necessary. If you want me to include the glass top, please send me an email, and I will give you a price quote.**

This flag will enhance the patriotic tone of your home or office and hopefully will help spurn conversation with your friends, family, and co-workers about the privilege it is to live the United States of America!

Each flag is custom made and distressed using the same processes and techniques; however, each flag will look unique as each piece of wood used is also unique and reacts to distressing differently. Rest assured, knowing your piece of art is absolutely a one-of-a-kind!

I love the smell of Freedom Fumes in the morning! Do you smell it? All flags and signs are made with non-toxic materials; however, because each item is handmade to order, when your item arrives you will notice the scent from the finish. I call that Freedom Fumes! Over time, the scent will diminish--the Freedom never will!

Shipping is a FLAT $50 rate to anywhere in the continental USA! 

I run a one-man shop and work very hard to create your flag, logo, or sign as fast as possible.

Generally, from the time you purchase an item, to the time I take it to my friendly neighborhood FedEx store is 4-6 weeks. As we get closer to the holidays, my preparation time will increase to up to 60 days, or more depending on order totals.

Thank you for choosing U May Approach The Bench, Ltd.! Your support means a lot to me and to my family!

Joshua Draughon--Owner/Artist, U May Approach The Bench, Ltd.

For Custom Orders and/or Questions about my products, please Contact Me or send a direct email to:

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